I’m back! New and improved!

I am back! After over a year of not being able to write new recipe posts I am feeling overwhelmed and very far behind! Some might recognize the above logo from my previous blog, Although all of my recipes (1500+) will still be available on my old blog, Rebecca’s Amazing Creations, I needed a change. I started that catering company (which will still be available) in 2005, right out of high school and without thinking of the branding and blogging aspect. So let me introduce you now, to Get Forked!

I can’t wait to share more amazing recipes with you on a new and improved site, put together by an amazing team at My Web Maestro, and also Sharper Strategy. They have helped me out immensely, and smoothed the transition. I am so excited to get this up and running, and thank you to everyone who has been following the old blog and switched over with me! You are all amazing!

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